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Reader Question: How Do You Prepare yourself For a Workout

I have gotten a few questions about how I prepare myself for a workout, so I thought I could share the answer here for everybody to see. Let’s get into it!

I’m definitively a morning person, no doubt. Therefore, I try to schedule my workout sessions to the morning so I don’t end up skipping them.. I have come to realize that I’m just not one of those persons that can slip right into their running shoes (or gym shoes) after a long day and smash out a workout.. All I want to do is relax!

So how do I prepare myself for a workout? 

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to take a big sip of apple cider vinegar. It’s good for your digestion as it gives it a kick start! Then I reach for something to eat. I usually end up eating some fresh fruits because nothing taste better than fruits in the morning, am I right? Fruit is also great because it hydrates your body, gives you instant energy and doesn’t fill you up too much. Too much food before a workout is not a good idea – I’m talking from experience.. Then I sit down for a while, read some blogs, catch up on some homework or watch pointless YouTube videos until the food have digested a little bit. Then I’m ready to get moving! No supplements or anything fancy required.