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Some people believe that you have to give up all junk foods when you go vegan, but that is simply not true! Today, I had the best burger together with a few friends of mine at Feed the Earthlings on the Gold Coast. It’s amazing that they are able to create burgers that taste so legit – with melted cheese and everything! We also had super yummy garlic bread, and I know from a earlier visit that they make the best ham & cheese pizza I have ever tasted!

The place is so charming as well! It doesn’t look super fancy or anything like that. It’s just this little place with a few tables outside, but the atmosphere is so good and the staff is very friendly! They started up only a few months ago, but they already have heaps of loyal customers. I’m not surprised if they open up a bigger restaurant soon. Yesterday, it was apparently so crowded there that people had to wait in line for over an hour just to order.. I think that if people are willing to stand in a line for over a hour to just get a burger, they know that it’s a REALLY good burger they are getting!

So if you are on the Gold coast – hit them up!