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Some people believe that you have to give up all junk foods when you go vegan, but that is simply not true! Today, I had the best burger together with a few friends of mine at Feed the Earthlings on the Gold Coast. It’s amazing that they are able to create burgers that taste so legit – with melted cheese and everything! We also had super yummy garlic bread, and I know from a earlier visit that they make the best ham & cheese pizza I have ever tasted!

The place is so charming as well! It doesn’t look super fancy or anything like that. It’s just this little place with a few tables outside, but the atmosphere is so good and the staff is very friendly! They started up only a few months ago, but they already have heaps of loyal customers. I’m not surprised if they open up a bigger restaurant soon. Yesterday, it was apparently so crowded there that people had to wait in line for over an hour just to order.. I think that if people are willing to stand in a line for over a hour to just get a burger, they know that it’s a REALLY good burger they are getting!

So if you are on the Gold coast – hit them up!

Lifestyle Reader Questions

Reader Question: How Do You Prepare yourself For a Workout

I have gotten a few questions about how I prepare myself for a workout, so I thought I could share the answer here for everybody to see. Let’s get into it!

I’m definitively a morning person, no doubt. Therefore, I try to schedule my workout sessions to the morning so I don’t end up skipping them.. I have come to realize that I’m just not one of those persons that can slip right into their running shoes (or gym shoes) after a long day and smash out a workout.. All I want to do is relax!

So how do I prepare myself for a workout? 

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to take a big sip of apple cider vinegar. It’s good for your digestion as it gives it a kick start! Then I reach for something to eat. I usually end up eating some fresh fruits because nothing taste better than fruits in the morning, am I right? Fruit is also great because it hydrates your body, gives you instant energy and doesn’t fill you up too much. Too much food before a workout is not a good idea – I’m talking from experience.. Then I sit down for a while, read some blogs, catch up on some homework or watch pointless YouTube videos until the food have digested a little bit. Then I’m ready to get moving! No supplements or anything fancy required.




Oats with frozen blue berries
Smoothie Bowl topped with lots of berries, fruits and dates
A huge bowl of fresh fruits and veggies



Steamed veggies with beans
Rice, veggies and beans
Baked potato boats with tomato sauce



Tacos with black beans and home made corn tortillas
Baked Japanese Sweet Potato with homemade Guacamole
Steamed veggies and baked potato boats
Maki rolls with avocado, soy sauce and sweet chili



Sweet and gooey dates
Ice cold and perfectly rice pineapple
Banana and oats oven baked pancakes
A glass of fresh juice