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Clear and glowing skin is something I’m working towards every day. In order to achieve that, I believe that you have to be gentle with your skin and use natural products free from nasty chemicals. Lately I have been obsessed with essential oils and my current favorite is Rosehip oil. Essential oils have really helped my skin recover from a long period of acne, so if you are or have struggled with acne in the past – this tip might be for you!


Every morning and night I mix a few drops of this oil together with my moisturizer. Some people might be skeptical to put oils on their skin, especially on the face – but I can promise you that it will not do any harm! Rosehip oil is very light and not greasy at all. It’s actually very similar to the oil our skin produce naturally, and that is why this oil won’t clog your pores.


I started using this oil because I heard it’s really good at fading acne scars (or scars in general). I haven’t been using it for that long, but I feel like my skin hasĀ improved so much already! I have even been complimented because of my skin, and I honestly never thought that day would come! Acne is horrible and it takes such a long time to get rid of it, and when you finally have managed to get rid of – you might be left with deep scars. I know the struggle and I really hope that this tip can help you as much as it has for me!

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